Saturday, July 8, 2017

Elaine Harvey-AllAtOneHeart Research: 3RD EYE ART REVIEW

MUCH can be found in the works of our new generation of today.
One helping others see the LIGHT that is in everything.... when we
allow ourselves to join together by the Fruits of the SPIRIT in ... LOVE,

The Original Work was shared through G+ AfricanAmericanArt from
Jermaine Hardy Post of  AfricanAmericanArt @rhyvenj post of
an article written about the Third Eye as  "Three Blind Eyes."

Surely,  as you can see,  the Original Work of Art,  is not Blind to the "EYES"
MUCH was found within the Original work of Art, worth looking at over
and over again, because each time you may see more than you saw the
first time.

So, Join and Visit Google + African American Art ..... to see if your can
find the original post and to see....  where this started,
if you can find it. The original work of art is from the year 2015 or 2016.

We often are given information when we need it... in Divine Timing,
throughout ... Eternity... Forever In A Day... If you know what I mean,
Relative to the THIRD EYE...

Search AfricanAmericanArt @rhyvenj or the works of Jermaine Hardy.

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