Saturday, June 13, 2015

Five Videos Turning Names and Numbers into Art and Music

Five Videos representing how Names can be turned into Numbers that can be produced into Art and Music with a number of Rhythms.

Number-1 Without sound, for viewer that wish to view in Silence. Getting everything you can without distraction. Counting every point, corner, curve etc. with every Degree of the Design changes. That is why processing Compass Degrees seem so fitting for one of my first videos. Mathematicians and the Science minds could see this as Food for Thought. Since so many people have been talking about Particles of Physics. Well, "THIS IS IT!"

Number 2 Drums   For views who like to feel the Beat while watching this video.
" For multitalented people who "Like to walk and chew gum at the same time? "
Something grand-mother used to say, when she wanted to make a point, not sure if it was
a complement or something else.
The art works in 1 and 2 are the same. My intention is to have you focus your attention on what you feel,  between watching each video.

Number 3 QuietMusicMix Is your focus on the music, the designs or the names changing from beginning to end. How many time did you watch to see the changes?

Number 4 Party-Mix   If the art don't interest you, maybe the music will. Imagine viewing  your name design and music on a video like this.

It's ALL words and numbers, sight and sound, feelings and emotions. Infinite forever and ever. Thank Goodness, ...Almighty.

Number 5  Island_Mix      I am grateful to share these talents that opened my hearts and spirits to see, nature, shapes and forms in a new light, as I've never seen in this life time. Talents and dreams have heighten and transform into new inspirations of creativity from the SOURCE of ALL RESOURCES, as you will see through works such as these.
Watch my upcoming posts, for weekly updates on other interesting forms of Math into Art and Music.